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Shocking incident in Delhi, young woman dragged for several kilometers after accident




Delhi’s Kanjhawala incident has shocked the country. The incident took place on the intervening night of December 31 and January 1. That is, when the whole country was immersed in new year celebrations, this incident happened in Sultanpuri area of Delhi. On the same night, the Delhi Police received a PCR call, according to which the naked body of a girl was found in Kanjhawala area. The body did not even have both legs. A scooty was also recovered in a broken condition nearby.

Police have described it as a road accident. Police say that 5 boys were going somewhere in the car in an inebriated state. They hit the scooty of a 20-year-old girl. The boys fled from the spot after the collision. However, the girl was trapped in the car with the scooty and the boys did not find it. The accused dragged the girl for about eight kilometres in a car between Sultanpuri and Kanjhawala, leading to her painful death. Police have arrested all the five accused and recovered the car. The deceased Anjali Singh was an event organizer.

On the other hand, an eyewitness of this accident has come to light. Deepak claimed that he informed the police about the body hanging in the back of the car. He told the media that after the accident, he was in touch with the police till 5 am, but no one came to the spot. “He chased the Baleno car till Begumpur. The police present in the PCR van did not respond and showed no interest in the case.

Here, the maternal uncle of the deceased woman says that he does not agree with the police action. This case is similar to Nirbhaya. We can say 100 per cent that wrong has happened to the daughter. The scooty was found somewhere and the body was recovered from some other place. He said that such a big incident has happened on the road and the police could not find it.

In this case, the police are being accused of protecting the culprits. Dissatisfied with the police action, the locals surrounded the police station and protested fiercely. The protesters have demanded the addition of sections of murder and rape. However, the police say that the situation will be clear only after the postmortem report.

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