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BJP launches ‘Jan Akrosh Yatra’ in Rajasthan, will pass through all 200 assembly constituencies



Jan Akrosh Yatra

With an eye on next year’s Assembly elections in Rajasthan, the BJP on Thursday launched a ‘Jan Akrosh Yatra’ in the state. Meanwhile, BJP president JP Nadda flagged off the ‘Jan Akrosh Yatra’ in the state.

Jp Nadda said that the land of Rajasthan is a land known for sacrifice, penance, bravery and sacrifice. I bow to this land and hope that the Jan Akrosh Yatra will get full support of the people of Rajasthan. BJP President JP Nadda said that the party will reach out to 2 crore people of the state of Jan Akrosh Yatra and take bjp’s policies to them. He said that he congratulates the entire team of Rajasthan BJP for this visit. Praising the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that after Corona, when China is faltering, America is not able to stand properly and the condition of Europe is also not right. Then in such a situation, the Indian economy is moving fast.

Bjp President Nadda said that India is going to take a new leap of development today and for that the central government has also left no stone unturned. While the Ashok Gehlot government has left no stone unturned to ensure that Rajasthan does not develop. The Congress works to hoodwink the people. The BJP president said that if you want your sisters to be safe, employment opportunities should be created in the society, petrol diesel prices should come down in Rajasthan, electricity prices should come down, then you have to remove this government from the throne. He alleged that communal tension has increased in Rajasthan due to the Congress.

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