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PM Narendra Modi hits back at Kharge for his ‘Ravan’ remark



PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Kalol on Thursday ahead of the second phase of polling in Gujarat on December 5. During this, he attacked the Congress fiercely. The PM first hit back at Congress national president Mallikarjun Kharge’s ‘Ravana’ remark and said that there is a competition in the Congress about who can abuse me how much. PM Modi said that I respect Kharge ji. He will say what he will be asked to say. The Congress party does not know that this is the Gujarat of Ram bhakts. On this land of Ram bhakts, Kharge ji was asked to call me Ravana with 100 heads and he did so.

“Those who never believed in the existence of Lord Ram have now brought ‘Ravana’ from Ramayana and, I am surprised that he never repented, forget apologising after using such expletives for me. Addressing a rally in Behrampura area of Ahmedabad city on Monday night, Kharge had said the Prime Minister asks people to vote by looking at his face in all elections. “Are you 100 heads like Ravana?

“When you sent me to Delhi in 2014, there were two mobile phone manufacturing factories in the country, today there are more than 200. If your five fingers are in ghee, then the lotus button should be pressed with one finger or not. I am the son of Gujarat, the qualities you have given me, the strength that Gujarat has given me is troubling these Congressmen.

Pm Modi said that the friends of The Congress should open their ears and listen, your faith and distrust in democracy is your subject, if you want to live for the family, then your will, but write one thing, the more mud you throw, the more lotus will bloom.

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