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5 die due to suffocation in Sigri smoke in Rajasthan




In Rajasthan, three members of a family died after they burnt a cigar in their room to escape the severe cold. Also, the condition of the 3-month-old infant remains critical. The deceased include mother-daughter and mother-in-law. The incident took place in Ratangarh in Churu district.

According to the police, sona Devi, daughter-in-law Gayatri Devi, granddaughter Tejaswini and three-month-old grandson Khushilal were sleeping in a room on Sunday night. The mother-in-law had kept a cigarette in the room to avoid the cold at night. When the door of his room did not open till around 8 am on Monday, Amarchand knocked. When there was no sound from inside, Amarchand broke the window and saw everyone sleeping on the bed. There was no movement and 3-month-old grandson Khushilal was crying.

Amarchand entered the room through the window and saw that his wife, daughter-in-law and granddaughter were lying dead. Dada pulled out three-month-old grandson Khushilal. The child was rushed to a hospital along with neighbours, where the doctor referred him to DB Hospital in Churu as his condition became critical. Initial investigation revealed that the room was lit up at night and the windows and doors were locked. In such a situation, carbon monoxide gas increased in the room due to smoke emanating from the cigarette. Due to this gas, the mother-in-law and granddaughter died due to suffocation. Family members said that grandfather Amarchand and six-year-old grandson Kamal were sleeping in a separate room. The mother-in-law and grandchildren were sleeping in the same room. Kamal’s life was saved by sleeping near dada. Amarchand’s son Rajkumar, a construction contractor in Gujarat, had moved to the village about a week ago.

On the other hand, a husband and wife also died due to suffocation in Bikaner’s Bichhawal police station area of Rajasthan. Both were residents of Behar. Both of them used to work as labourers in a factory located in Karni Industrial Area here. It is being told that Anil and his Daughter Purnima had slept in the room at night by lighting a cigarette. In the morning, there was no movement in the house, so the people around informed the police. After which both of them were rushed to PBM Hospital, where doctors declared them dead.

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