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Daughter killed to save son, shocking case surfaced in Rajasthan



save son

In Anta area of ​​Kota district of Rajasthan, a mother took the life of her own daughter in the desire to give life to her son. The accused mother strangled her 12-year-old daughter to death. During interrogation, the accused woman Rekha Hada made shocking revelations, hearing which the police were also shocked. The accused woman told the police that she had a dream that if she wanted to save the elder son, then one would have to be sacrificed. After this, the woman killed her own daughter while carrying out the crime.

According to the police, the police officers reached the spot after getting information about the woman killing her own daughter. After which the police started the investigation and on the basis of suspicion, the woman Rekha was questioned, then a shocking case came to the fore. Police said that the accused Rekha lives with her husband and three children. His eldest son is Nikendra, who was found to have a hole in his heart. The accused woman loves her eldest son very much. The woman was very worried about the health of the son. In such a situation, he started dreaming that the son would be cured by sacrificing one.

Shivraj, the husband of the accused woman Rekha, says that the wife started getting so upset for a long time that her mental balance also started deteriorating. In such a situation, a few days ago, she also attacked her husband Shivraj with a sharp weapon. But he was saved when Shivraj woke up in time. Even after this, the ghost of someone’s sacrifice was riding on the woman’s head to save her son. In such a situation, the woman also attacked her 12-year-old daughter Sanjana and 7-year-old younger son Singham. But somehow the younger son escaped, but the woman caught the daughter and strangled her to death.

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