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President Draupadi Murmu’s security lapsed, junior engineer suspended



President Draupadi Murmu

An engineer of the Rajasthan government has found it very expensive to try to touch the feet of President Draupadi Murmu. A woman engineer was suspended on Friday for violating President Draupadi Murmu’s safety protocols and trying to touch her feet during an event on January 4. The Public Health Engineering Department of Rajasthan has taken action to suspend it considering it a serious matter after the intervention of the Union Home Ministry.

“Amba Seoul, a junior engineer of the department, tried to touch the feet of President Draupadi Murmu, who arrived at the inauguration ceremony of Scout Guide Jamboree at Roht in Pali district on January 4. This was a violation of protocol, so he is suspended with immediate effect under the Rajasthan Public Service Rules.

According to the information, Amba was stationed at the venue to see the seoul water system, but breaking the president’s security cordon, she managed to reach the front line of officials who were there to welcome the president. As soon as the President reached the front, Amba Seoul stepped forward and tried to touch the President’s feet, but president Draupadi Murmu’s security personnel stopped her in advance.

According to the information, after this, the security personnel handed them over to the local police. Amba Seoul was questioned for hours by local police, after which he was released. Now the Union Home Ministry has taken this incident seriously considering this incident as a serious lapse in the security of the President and sought a report from the Rajasthan Police about the entire incident. Following this, the concerned department decided to suspend junior engineer Amba Seoul.

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