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Woman, along with son, cut husband into 10 pieces, case of murder registered




Police have revealed the murder case in Trilokpuri, the capital Delhi. In this incident like shraddha murder case, the woman along with her son killed her husband. The mother, along with her son, cut the husband into 10 pieces, kept them in the fridge and dumped them in the surrounding areas for several days.

Two CCTV footage of the incident came to light on Monday. In this, the son is seen carrying pieces in the bag and the mother is also seen behind. Police have also released some photos, which are of the body parts of the deceased. Police have recovered 6 pieces. These include the head.

The Delhi Police held a press conference on the matter on Monday afternoon. The man who was killed was identified as Anjandas, a resident of Trilokpuri, police said. The woman accused of murder is Poonam, who is Anjan’s second wife. The son’s name is Deepak, who is Anjan’s step-son. The mother and son have been arrested.

This is how it was revealed

In fact, on June 5, the Delhi Police was patrolling in Pandav Nagar. During this time, the patrolling team informed the police station when the bushes smelled. On searching around, the team found pieces of human bodies in a bag. The pieces of the body had decomposed badly and this made it difficult to identify them. The investigating officer went to nearby police stations and found out that no one was missing. Records were also scrutinised at police stations in UP and adjoining states. During this time, Anjan Das was reported missing for 5-6 months. It was found that he lived with Poonam and Deepak in Trilokpuri. The duo had not even reported Anjan’s disappearance anywhere. On questioning Poonam and Deepak, the duo narrated the entire story and reason for the murder.

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Interrogation revealed that Poonam suspected that Anjan also kept an evil eye on son Deepak’s wife and one of his divorced daughters. This daughter was living with Poonam. Poonam said that she was married to Sukhdev Tiwari in Bihar at a very young age. He came to Delhi and Poonam also came in search of him. But Sukhdev was not found, after that she started living with a person named Kallu. Kallu used to assault her and she died due to liver failure. Poonam started living with lift operator Anjan. Suspecting bad intentions, Poonam and Deepak plotted the murder in March-April. On May 30, the duo made Anjan drink alcohol. In which sleeping pills were found. They stabbed Anjan to death on his neck and several parts of the body after he fell unconscious. After the murder, both of them left the body there all night. The next day he cleaned the blood from the house. Then 10 pieces of the body were made and kept in the fridge. Poonam and Deepak used to fill these pieces in bags every night and go to throw them in Pandav Nagar and surrounding areas. This continued for 8-10 days. The house was then painted so that the stench could be suppressed. Anjan’s head was buried by making a pit. Police said Anjan’s family members live in Bihar. Poonam did not know that her family lives in Bihar and her 8 children

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