Mumbai, December 15, 2023: Shikara Restaurant, nestled in the vibrant Sanpada neighborhood of Vashi, has emerged as a culinary treasure in the city. Praised for its exquisite North Indian and Chinese cuisine, paired with an opulent setting, it has garnered widespread acclaim.

Renowned food enthusiasts and influencers known on social media for their passion for food and their creative reels recently shared insights about Shikara Restaurant in an exclusive interview with’s Rajveer Singh. After meticulously exploring over 200 dining spots in Mumbai, Randeep Gujral spoke highly of Shikara Restaurant’s culinary offerings. Apart from Randeep Gujral, Deepti Sonpar was among the prominent influencers who acclaimed Shikara as one of the best in Mumbai. Additionally, conversations with Vikas Saroj, Arvi Gujral, Kriti Sharma and Ravindra Saroj contributed to the coverage along with Dipti Sonpar and Randeep Gujral.

Shikara Restaurant has solidified its reputation for culinary excellence by curating a monsoon menu that masterfully showcases the rich and diverse flavors synonymous with North Indian cuisine. The culinary expertise of Mr. Ashok Mehra and Mr. Vishal Mehra is evident in the menu, catering to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences.

The dining experience at Shikara unfolds with tantalizing starters such as succulent seekh kebabs, flavorful paneer tikka, and fragrant, spice-infused chicken kebabs. Signature dishes in the main course, like the aromatic Rogan Josh and the creamy Sham Sawera Kofte with Murg Musalam, grace the menu, offering delightful indulgences.

Stepping into Shikara Restaurant transports patrons to a sophisticated yet warm ambiance, reminiscent of the cultural richness of Kashmir. Intricately carved wooden furnishings, live melodious tunes, and captivating artwork adorn the interior, enhancing the immersive dining experience.

Complementing the lavish feast is Shikara Restaurant’s thoughtfully curated selection of beverages. The finale to the culinary journey includes delectable desserts like the iconic Phirni and the indulgent gulab jamun with rabdi, ensuring a gratifying conclusion.

The attentive and amiable staff at Shikara Restaurant adds to the charm, ensuring each visit is a memorable experience with impeccable service and personalized recommendations.

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