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Food nourishes and kills- eat right- Stay desi



Food nourishes

Food has been severely harmed by a focus on quantity above quality. In our country’s history, food has always been associated with celebration, love, and holiness. We are no longer in alignment with health. Eating disorders and lifestyle illnesses are at an all-time high. What is the cause? Let me present to you Chandana Tribhuvan, the creator of the brand Stay desi- your daily dose, which offers a fresh approach to addressing new age challenges. Yes, let’s stay desi is the mantra of the brand.

Due to its instantaneous feel-good effect, a company with a strong foundation in its culture and business practises finds it much simpler to win consumers over nowadays. People are sick of having their rights violated by the food business. We all grew up seeing our elders drink just ragi malts while we were fed exotic milk blends for mental acuity and physical fitness. However, it appears that the conventional wisdom still holds true today. Just the passage of time, you, see?

Chandana also adds that its increasingly difficult to balance conventional choices with modern practices as we are all very invested in professional lives which has given us a financial diet. Expensive things aren’t necessarily the best and heap alternatives aren’t necessarily bad. But today sadly we just want whatever is off the counter, well branded, well-advertised and imported. Snacks have taken over real meals. People are okay eating cereals from different corners of the world over their good old breakfast’s. lunch comes down to brunch. Pizzas and burgers, samosas and pastas sandwiches and instant foods are main stream even in work spaces. Diets that we are unfamiliar with are gradually erasing the uniqueness of vernacular eating All we require for a healthy life is access to seasonal, local food. When you walk outside to travel or while en way to work, your only quick options for food are flavoured carbs with fizzy beverages and desserts with a surface amount of sugar. We have adopted a carboficial eating philosophy. Is that all? How about the necessary fats? Proteins? & Several other macro- and micronutrients? This is where Stay desi comes into play. We wanted to offer this in the midst of our extremely successful design practise since it would help people and serve as a reminder of their roots. Eat local live global.

After years of research and development, their product is finally available. It is carefully thought out and elegantly curated, ensuring that nutrients are maintained even after processing and packing. They have brought back some extremely intriguing morning concoctions like ABC juice, smoothies and teas. that take care of a full 3–4 hours of work right from soaking, organic sourcing, proportions and dehydrated just ready to eat! packaged and delivered to your home. The finest has been saved for the last. With the assistance of their elders, they were able to revive a historic biriyani recipe and a pulav dish that was renowned in the past for its authenticity. Which has become a hot favourite amongst people!

Just before signing out, Chandana asks people to support stay desi since they provide pure goodness with every drink and bite. They are sun drying and dehydrating their food in their plant, an ancient established process that ensure zero nutritional loss! If you’re on your way to work, jogging, or hiking in the mountains, our food will keep you going. Say no to fast food and fad diets. Stay DESI throughout your life! We are fast food revolutionised- re-engineered and re-wised. Make wise choices health is wealth.

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