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Divya Maderna gave an open challenge to Shanti Dhariwal



Divya Maderna

Divya Maderna, MLA from Osian in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, has once again targeted Shanti Dhariwal fiercely in the assembly. Divya Maderna, speaking on the demands for grants of the Autonomous Government Department, said that the roads of my Osian assembly constituency were suddenly cancelled. All this has been done due to political malice.

Divya said that ‘I opposed your terrorist and kinship words, then you suddenly canceled the roads of my area due to political malice. Divya Medrana also opposed calling Kirorilal Meena a terrorist.

Divya Maderna said that Gurjar is a voter of Congress. Meena wants Congress but you called their respected leader a terrorist. How did you behave with Martyr’s wife Manju Jat? All these three communities have been traditional voters of the Congress. There is 6 months left in the elections. Which direction are you going?

Divya Maderna said that if the roads of my constituency are not approved, then I will also sit on a dharna with the people of Osian with grass in my mouth. If you have guts, pick me up at 3 in the night.

Divya said that the ministry of which you are boasting so much is also a borrowed ministry. After 6 months we are going to the elections. This is our last budget session. Divya said that the minister has probably decided that we will drown and will drown with you too.

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