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We are committed to bring uniform civil code: Home Minister Amit Shah



Amit Shah

The issue of Uniform Civil Code is being raised loudly in the Gujarat Assembly elections. In this episode, now Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that THE BJP is committed to bringing a uniform civil code, but after debate and discussion. He said that since the days of Jan Sangh, the BJP has made this promise to the people of the country.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said not only the BJP, the Constituent Assembly had also advised Parliament and states to bring UCC at an appropriate time, as laws for any secular country should not be based on religion. Amit Shah questioned that if the country and the state are secular, how can the laws be based on religion? “For everyone, there should be a law passed by Parliament or state legislatures.

Home Minister Amit Shah claimed at the Times Now Summit that the commitment of the Constituent Assembly has been forgotten over time. He said that except the BJP, no other party is in favour of uniform civil code. Debate is necessary in a democracy. He said that there is a need for an open and healthy debate on this issue.

Home Minister Amit Shah said a panel headed by retired Chief Justices of the Supreme Court and High Courts has been formed in three BJP-ruled states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Gujarat, where people of different religions are voicing their views. “We will take action based on the recommendations that come after this exercise. The BJP is committed to bringing a uniform civil code after all democratic discussions are over.

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