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Rajasthan Congress in-charge said – If Modi is finished, the country will be saved, raised questions on Pulwama attack too



Rajasthan Congress

Congress in-charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa made many big allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Making the biggest allegation, he said that did Modi get the Pulwama incident done to contest elections? Randhawa also called PM Narendra Modi dishonest.

Randhawa said that ‘I tell all the leaders to end their fight. Talk about ending Modi-BJP. If Modi is finished then the country will be saved. If Modi stays then the country will be ruined. Modi talks about patriotism. They don’t even know what is patriotism?

Randhawa further said that ‘Modi says that he will kill Pakistan by entering it. First of all tell me, how did Pulwama happen? Get it checked. Somewhere, this was not done to contest the elections. Pulwama is not known till date.

Randhawa said that our fight is not with Adani but with BJP. Kill BJP. Adani-Ambani will die together. When Congress comes, Adani-Ambani should not come. They should go to jail. Many of our leaders did not take them along. This has to be taken care of.

Randhawa said that all those who went to jail in the freedom struggle are Congress families. Congress has liberated the country, it has given the country to a dishonest person like you.

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