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Panchs order to stop family’s hookah and water after widow daughter’s marriage



hookah and water

In Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district, a panchayat was held in Nagla Bilauthi by panch-Patels of the caste to stop the hookah-water of a family for three days. The family’s crops and fields were also seized. It is being told that this has been done by accusing the widowed daughter of marrying another young man by taking money. On the other hand, the victim’s family says that they are being tortured for the widow not marrying her brother-in-law.

Vijay Pal Gurjar, a resident of Nagla Bilauthi, and his 20-year-old widowed daughter were under pressure to marry their brother-in-law, the family said. According to Vijay Pal and his family, the daughter did not want to marry her brother-in-law as she was an alcoholic. A few months ago, the daughter got married in another house. On which the panch-patels of the village called a panchayat on Sunday. In which he was convicted of selling his daughter for Rs 10 lakh, stopped hookah and water and ordered to leave the village with the family. Even the use of any route from water has been banned. A fine was also announced for dealing with the victim’s family.

Not only this, it is alleged that a fine of Rs 51,000 was also demanded from the victims in the panchayat. According to Vijaypal, he does not have that much money. In such a situation, his fields including the crop have been confiscated by the panches. He has sown the crop by taking his three bighas and 14 bighas of land on rent. With eight members and four animals in the family, there is a drinking water crisis in the house. The victim’s family said that the police were also informed. But three days later, there was no help.

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