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Elderly man dragged 1KM by scooty rider in Bengaluru




Bengaluru: An elderly man was first hit by a scooty-borne youth in Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru on Tuesday afternoon and then dragged him for a km, police said. He repeatedly turned and looked back at the old man rubbing with his scooty, but the young man did not stop. In such a situation, when people surrounded, the young man stopped the scooty. The police have arrested him and the victim has been admitted to the hospital.

The incident took place on Magadi Road in Bengaluru. An elderly man named Muthappa was going somewhere in his Bolero. Meanwhile, the scooty rider Sahil hit him from behind. During this time he was also talking on mobile. The elderly got down from their car and went to the accused. On seeing them, Sahil started running away, when the elderly man grabbed the accused’s scooty from behind. Even after doing this, Sahil did not stop but dragged them on the road for about a kilometer.

A video of the incident has also surfaced. In which it can be seen that Sahil is dragging the elderly with his scooty. The elderly are holding the back handle of the scooty. Many people are chasing the scooty to save the elderly. Despite this, the accused did not stop. When the number of people started increasing and the car was parked from the front, Sahil stopped in fear.

The victim says that the accused hit his car from behind. If he stopped and apologized, he would let him go. But when he tried to escape, he caught the scooty. But he didn’t stop, but rather dragged him away.

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