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Delhi Police registers case against anti-Brahmin and Baniya slogans written in JNU




New Delhi: Slogans against Brahmins and Baniyas were written on the walls of jawaharlal nehru national university campus. On Wednesday, slogans against Brahmins and Baniyas were found written on the walls of the JNU campus at night. Many of its pictures also went viral on social media. These slogans were written in red on the walls of the School of International Studies.

It was written that Brahmins leave the campus, there will be bloodshed, Brahmins leave India, Brahmins and Banis we are coming for you, you will not be spared, return to the branch. Apart from this, the slogan ‘Return to the branch’ was also found written on the door of jnu’s woman professor Vandana Mishra’s cabin. Vandana Mishra is the same professor who was detained for three days by leftists in November 2019.

Due to these slogans, a new controversy has started in the JNU campus once again. At present, instructions have been given by the JNU administration to investigate this incident. Supreme Court lawyer Vineet Jindal has filed a complaint with the Delhi Police regarding the case of writing controversial and objectionable comments on the wall in JNU. He has demanded the Delhi Police to register a case against unidentified persons under various sections in the case.

In view of the ruckus after anti-Brahmin and Baniya slogans appeared on the walls of JNU, the Vice Chancellor has taken cognizance of this incident. He directed the dean and complaints committee of the School of International Studies to inquire at the earliest and submit a report to the vice-chancellor. The Vice Chancellor said in his statement that such incidents will not be tolerated at all.

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