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Ambulance runs out of diesel while taking patient, family pushes, patient dies




Ambulances are considered life-giving, but due to negligence, this life-giving can sometimes cause death. One such case has been reported from Banswara in Rajasthan where the ambulance ran out of diesel while transporting the injured patient. When the diesel was brought, the ambulance did not start. Then the family members of the injured even pushed the ambulance. But the ambulance did not start and the injured succumbed to their injuries in front of the family.

In fact, a major negligence of the ambulance of Banswara district of Udaipur division has come to light. In which the diesel of the ambulance carrying the patient ended. Not only this, the family had to push. It took the ambulance 4 hours to take 35 km to the hospital, in which the patient died. After this incident, a video is going viral on social media in which the patient’s family is seen pushing the ambulance.

According to Mukesh Meeda, a resident of Bhanupara in Banswara, his father-in-law Tejpal, a resident of Pratapgarh district, had come home to meet him. They’d been here for three days. But suddenly fell while going to the field. In such a situation, he called the ambulance. The father-in-law’s health had deteriorated at 11 am and the ambulance came home at 12 o’clock, an hour after he called. In the same ambulance, they were taken to a nearby PHC where there was no ECG machine. After this, he again left to take him to the district hospital 35 km away but on the way, the ambulance suddenly stopped with a jerk, by which time the father-in-law was breathing.

According to the family, the ambulance driver then gave them Rs 500 and sent them to collect diesel from the bike. But even after pouring diesel, the ambulance did not start, so pushed for a kilometer. Then the driver called another ambulance which arrived about half an hour later. By the time the other was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, it had been 4 hours. The doctor saw the injured in the hospital and declared him dead. The family alleges that if they had reached the hospital on time, there would not have been death.

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