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Zap Company : Introduction to The Zap Company



Zap Company

The company name is “The Zap Company.” This is a startup by Agrim Porwal he just started it in early 2021. The Zap Company is helping both people and the environment by avoiding paper business cards and selling PVC business cards.

When you tap that NFC profile card on the back of your device or scan it, all of your business information will be shown via a website inside the device. The Zap Company makes NFC profile cards and tags. NFC profile cards and tags save both money and the environment. It is India’s cheapest and first NFC-profile card company, and it has an increasing demand in the industry.

We here at The Zap Company have a vision to integrate the digital identity and social profiles of internet users within their daily-use products to share information without any clicks or hassle. As automation and smart devices are widely used across various processes, it is vital to make a smart move by sharing your persona with Zap Company products.

Our products not only replace the traditional paper-based business cards with smart cards but also help reduce waste and the felling of trees for paper production. Additionally, our products are contactless, which helps you share your profile without exchanging any physical cards.

Zap Company :

With advanced technology like radio frequency and near-field communication, you can share anything anywhere using our products. Near-field communication is one of the most popular technologies available across all smartphones in the world and is actively used in payment services like credit and debit cards. Using this technology and our dedicated web-based profile building service, you can build and customise their profile with just a few clicks. Our service also helps in sharing links to social networking sites and contacts. Furthermore, we give you access to your data.

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With our NFC-enabled products and accessories, we are working to solve this problem.

Join us by pre-ordering the NFC card!

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