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The Sushil Bansal is all set to return this March with a new song named ‘Yaadan Teriyan’.



Yaadan Teriyan’.

Social media is a powerful tool of marketing if you promote the content strategically. It is a medium to promote companies and influencers who engage with the audience. Not just that, nowadays many performers have gained a lot of limelight by getting the right kind of exposure on the digital medium. Sushil Bansal is one such name among many who have gained fame lately with his incredible singing & music composition skills. He grabbed eyeballs after he recorded a song One Wish , Without You which went viral on the internet. He has become a popular name amongst the budding singers and within no time he garnered many followers on Instagram.

Born on July 3, 1999, he is a Punjabi singer, Music Composer. His first song titled ‘One Wish’, released on November 27, 2019, got many views followed by his next single ‘Taare’ which garnered even more views on YouTube. Talking about singing Sushil said, “It has been my passion since my childhood. My dream was to become a singer and music composer today social media is the greatest platform where one can showcase his/her talent. I am just 24 and I feel I am growing slowly and steadily. I remember winning singing competitions in my school days. That built up my confidence and there’s no looking back after that.” Punjabi music is his favourite music as it keeps him energized and enthusiastic every time.

His recently released single ‘Without You’ was a massive hit as it went on to fetch a huge number of views on YouTube which is highest for any of his songs till now. The Sushil Bansal is all set to return this March with a new song named ‘Yaadan Teriyan’.

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