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Welcome’s Threequel To Be Titled ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, Reveals Firoz Nadiadwala, Says ‘It’ll Be Made On A Big Scale….’




Directed and co-written by Anees Bazmee, Welcome released in 2007 starring Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Katrina Kaif, Paresh Rawal and others It received Guild Award for Best Actor in a Comic Role award and earned 117.91 crores INR at the Box-office. Produced by Firoz Nadiadwala, Welcome back released in 2015 received 168.76 cr INR at the Box-office.

The latest bollywood news is that Welcome third part will be named as ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ as per Firoz who said that he won’t compromise on script and key elements. He said that it will have a huge star cast, where chatacters will be involved in action.

“Welcome 3 mostly will be called Welcome To The Jungle. It’ll retain the humour, wit and entertainment that is associated with this franchise and moreover, it’ll be based against a military action backdrop. The action will be huge in this film. We’ll make use of the ‘huey’ helicopters and for the first time in an Indian film, aircraft carriers will be used in action scenes. It’ll be made on a scale which has never been seen before in Indian cinema in terms of production value, grandeur etc,” Bollywood Hungama quoted Firoz as saying.

“Towards the end, it’ll have a very strong and emotional patriotic touch. 65-70% of the film will be set in the jungle. We hopefully will go on floors next year. We’ll have real ex-military people on board who’ll guide us on how to handle big guns, RPG, SAM (surface-to-air missile) and other such solid military hardware,” Firoz further said.

He added on shooting locations for the film, saying, “It’ll be filmed either in Jammu & Kashmir or some parts of Europe, where there are thick jungles. So it all depends on the climate and the time we are shooting.”

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“The idea is to make the best movie, not the biggest movie. Money can help you make a big film, but it will not help you to make the best movie. What I mean is that it has to be the best film creatively, technically, scale-wise and in terms of casting. Movies like Sholay, Ben Hur, Avatar etc are best in terms of emotion, storytelling, and characters first followed by the scale. It’s like the difference between good food and expensive food. First, you cook the best food and then you charge whatever you want. We want to ensure that Welcome To The Jungle is a milestone in entertainment family cinema in terms of characterization, storytelling, screenplay,” he concluded.

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