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The man who teaches to laugh in Dubai



Tanveer Ahmed

Videos of Dubai-based Acting Coach Tanveer Ahmed surfacing on social media teaching his acting students how to laugh.

Tanveer Ahmed, a Dubai-based acting coach, has been caught on video teaching his students how to laugh. In the clip circulated on social media, Ahmed can be seen demonstrating, 3 key steps to achieve real laughter to his acting students while performing a scene.
(Embedded Video of Tanveer Ahmed)

Some criticized him on social media for such quick fix methods that will lead to fake performances on camera. However, the coach has defended his approach, arguing that laughter is an overtly physical emotion and you cannot teach it without separately preparing your body for it. Tanveer also explained that most of the students are having fear of performance and indulging them in physical exercise to emote laughter, builds their confidence big time.

Whether you agree with his methods or not, there’s no denying that Ahmed is quite unique & passionate in his approach. And judging by the reaction of his students in the video, it seems like they’re enjoying the lessons too.

Tanveer considers himself primarily a follower of Konstantin Stanislavski (The Russian theatre practitioner). Tanveer has also developed his own unique methods of training students which combines elements of both traditional and modern acting techniques. He believes that the key to good acting is to be able to understand and connect with the character on an emotional level, and then use your body to express those emotions. This is why he puts so much emphasis on physicality in his classes.

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Tanveer himself is very fond of the slapstick style of comedy. On his Instagram, you can see him performing lots of funny gigs and scenes. When it comes to making people laugh, Tanveer is definitely one of the best in the business. His unique slapstick style of comedy has made him an instant hit with the younger generation. His Instagram account is filled with funny videos and performances. If you’re looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out Tanveer’s Instagram account @tanveerahmeddofficial

Tanveer is the founder of Creative Bites Academy, an Acting Academy based out of Dubai. Because of his distinct style of training, many are seeing Tanveer as the modern-day acting coach, who has adapted the acting training process to the new age and truly made it a very fun process.

Traditionally acting has been projected as a very deep and serious affair. As people have not seen any acting coach locally or internationally who is performing scenes with students and enjoying the craft of acting so openly & publicly on social media platforms, it’s really refreshing to see Tanveer & his unique acting training process.

For further details about Tanveer Ahmed, follow him on Instagram @tanveerahmeddofficial or Creative Bites Academy @creativebitesacademy or visit

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