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Review of Breaking Out: Life from the auto pilot mode by SK Muskan Tabasum



SK Muskan Tabasum
SK Muskan Tabasum

Breaking Out: Life from the auto pilot mode is a non-fiction book written by SK Muskan Tabasum. The book comprises 14 chapters or could be said as 14 harsh truths of life about this judgmental society. From mere childhood, a mindset of other people is forcefully implemented onto others and how their lives are indirectly lived by others. Through the book, the author brings to light the thoughts that probably everyone thinks of but no one speaks about because they are always bounded by log kya kahenge.  

‘Mr. People,’ ‘The Measuring Rod,’ ‘Are you geographically correct?’ ‘Hesitation: best friend of tension’ are some of the chapters highlighting the pathetic nature of society, questioning their motives, importance, and the negative impact that it can lay on others’ life.

The writing style of the book is kept simple and lucid. The author has poured down her heart through her thoughts in the book. The way in which it is written, every reader can easily relate to the author’s words and surely get motivated with the book. 

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