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Udaipur youth leader Siddharth Soni providing basic facilities to needy children



Siddharth Soni

Often we have seen that after joining student politics, the youth puts their strength to reach big positions and without doing any work of social concern, only longs to reach the positions. But there are some young student leaders who believe more in karma and are changing the lives of people by doing social work. One such youth is Siddharth Soni from Udaipur, who is working to change the lives of children studying in primary school. Siddharth Soni (Siddharth Soni), who was the General Secretary of the Central Students Union at Mohanlal Sukhadia University, is today a big name and face of youth politics in Udaipur. Siddharth Soni reached student politics on the strength of his ability, where he achieved a position and after that held big positions in the organization, but the initiative he took to change the lives of the children studying in the primary school during his studies, continues even today. Have been doing This is from around 2017. Till then Siddharth Soni had been the Central General Secretary of Sukhadia University and the General Secretary of the Arts College of the University. Earlier, he used to personally provide educational materials, uniforms, shoes etc. to the children. But as a student, when he used to go to different schools, he used to see that the children studying there in primary school lack many facilities including shoes, stationery, uniform, tiffin etc. Once when he reached Chamra Talai village, about 20 to 25 kilometers from Udaipur for some work, a similar story came in front of him. Then he decided that now I will work to change the lives of these children. In the beginning, Siddharth Soni managed to bring something or the other for the children with his own pocket money. Sometimes he brought stationery for him and sometimes he got shoes for a child. But the number of children was more and the money was less.

In such a situation, he told his friends that we should all work together for those children who feel inferior due to lack of resources and cannot go to school. After that all of them together formed a group named Siddham. In which Bharat Borana, Karishma Soni, Misbah Qadri, Gaurav Verma, Abhijeet Singh Khinki etc. were included. Everyone started collecting pocket money and they distributed shoes to around 70 children of Charma Talai. His work was highly appreciated. When people joined him, he started doing the same in other schools as well. Gradually this caravan grew and today, under the leadership of Siddharth Soni, his team is providing facilities like sweaters, stationery, slippers, uniforms to more than one thousand children of 13 schools. He has also got light connections done in 3 schools. Along with this, a new practice has been started that when someone in their group of friends has a birthday, they will go to a school and cut a cake there and provide some facility to those children.

Siddharth Soni says that “We spend a lot of money in the birthday party, but if this birthday is celebrated among the needy children, then we will be more happy and if we give something of the same money to the children, then the children will also be happy.” facility will be available.

Many youths are associated with this campaign of Siddharth Soni and celebrate their birthday by visiting such remote villages among the needy children who are in need of things and give stationery shoes and any such items to those children on their birthday. What they do not have, they will be useful to them.

Due to the efforts of Siddharth Soni, today his team seeks help through social media etc. and if anything is needed in all the 13 adopted schools, it is fulfilled by them. Apart from this, Siddharth Soni and his team have also made arrangements to get medical camps organized by contacting some hospitals. These medical camps are organized in different schools and children are given medicines after checking their primary health.

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Siddharth Soni says that more than 80 dropout children have been linked to schools by him. Because those children used to drop out of school due to lack of facilities. In such a situation, he and his team connected the dropout children with the school so that they can get better education and get a good job.

Siddharth Soni believes that the main objective of any student leader or person coming into politics should be to serve the society. If you really want to serve the society, then people will also join you and you will automatically move forward in politics. But your basic desire is only to move forward in politics and if you do not want to do anything for the society then you can never progress in politics.

Siddharth Soni says that “We are young and our country belongs to the youth. In such a situation, if the youth does not help the children in need, then who will. If we help, these children will also help the children who take inspiration from us.”

Siddharth Soni says that “I want such a practice to be started in which a student can help his junior financially and in any way, so that he can take inspiration from them and help the students who come after him.” The level of education will improve and no child will leave studies due to lack of facilities.

Apart from providing facilities to the children of 13 schools around Udaipur district

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