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Only one resolution in mind, Mithila state should be in the Constitution – MSU Today: On December 07, 2022, the Raj Bhavan March for ‘Separate Mithila State’ was organized by Mithila Student Union under the leadership of Mithilwadi leader Rajneesh Priyadarshi.



Separate Mithila State

Thousands of Inquilabi youth from all the districts of Mithila reached Patna for the early formation of mithila state separately from their rights.
Prior to this march, the speakers addressed a gathering in front of the Gandhi Statue at Gandhi Maidan, in which the key speakers said that the time has come to fight a decisive battle for mithila state. Mithila-Maithili and Mithilavad and Mithilavad and mithila’s representative organization “Mithila Student Union” will fight this battle. Mithila has the right to become a full-fledged state, meeting the standard of language, script, region, population and historical background. Formation of a separate independent state is necessary for the all-round development of Mithila. For economic, educational and political freedom, it is necessary to form a separate Mithila state. Separate state to maintain the identity of mithila’s glorious culture

The formation is not only relevant but it also meets all the necessary demands. He was famous all over the world for cultural prosperity.
The Mithila region has a population of 40 million and elects 22 MPs and 126 MLAs to the Bihar Legislative Assembly. It is unfortunate that despite having such a large area and population, a separate state is yet to be formed.
Mithila is still being forced to become a victim of backwardness due to government neglect. Due to this, neither any concrete solution to migration has been found so far nor maithili has got due rights as a constitutional language so far. Mithila state should be created, due to which industrialization and development of Mithila will be possible. Since ancient times, Mithila has been a famous region for its civilization and culture.
For constitutional empowerment, for the preservation of culture and civilization, for the protection of the unique identity ‘Maithil’, to protect Mithila from the danger of migration and migration, to protect Mithila from the danger of migration and migration, to promote self-employment against economic backwardness and neglect, for self-employment plant – advanced agro- industrial development, for permanent treatment of floods, to improve the declining level of education. Free education and 100 percent literacy

For eradication of poverty – for livelihood, bread and clothing for every person, for harmony in a society burning with casteism, for preserving historically rich heritage, for setting up, development and conservation of tourism centers, for organizing proper flow of water sources, for commercialization of Mithila special agricultural produce, Hydro-electric project – For water communication project, Mithila special education system (tantra o karmakanda and other arts) for the study center, for economic prosperity like the mythological Mithila country, for the advanced social justice system like the mythological justice system, for unity in promise and deeds by the people’s representative, for the corrupt and sluggish-ly-useless system.

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