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Rajasthan University president Nirmal Singh slapped, two groups clash




Jaipur: Two groups of students clashed during the inauguration ceremony of the students’ union office of Maharani College in Jaipur, police said on Sunday. In fact, Rajasthan University President Nirmal Chaudhary was slapped by General Secretary Arvind Jajda at the event. After this, the supporters of both of them clashed on the stage. Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh was also present on the dais.

The students’ union office of Maharani College was inaugurated by Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. Rss Jaipur state pracharak Dr Shailendra Kumar was the chief guest on the occasion. At the same time, singer Akhil was also going to perform for the students. However, after the incident of assault between student groups, Minister Shekhawat left after sitting in the room of the principal of Maharani College for some time.

After the incident, Nirmal Chaudhary said that I was invited as a guest in the program. There was open hooliganism. I am not going to be afraid of it. “I am not a goonda or a badass. As long as the breath moves in the body, I will continue to work for the students. I’m not going to stop slapping. On the other hand, Rajasthan University General Secretary Arvind Jajda says that Nirmal had reached the students’ union inauguration program without being invited. He neither respects the teachers nor the students in the university. Even today, anti-social elements had reached maharani college campus with him. They also tried to molest the students.

Jajda, who slapped him, said Nirmal was not invited to today’s event. Recently, when Sachin Pilot arrived. We also did not attend the programme. In such a situation, he should not have come here today. Even after this, he reached the stage and started giving a speech. That’s why I tried to remove him.

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