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Congress hits back at PM Modi’s statement, Khera says have the ability to listen



PM Modi

Politics is not taking the name of stopping over the statement of Congress party president Mallikarjun Kharge on Ravana. On this matter, Congress leader Pawan Khera has also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that if you speak about our leaders and elders, then have the courage to listen. He defended Mallikarjun Kharge and said that everyone has heard what he has said.

Pawan Khera attacked PM Modi and said that if you are in politics, will you do politics by becoming Chhuimui. You keep saying anything to someone… For example, Italy’s daughter, Jersey cow, girlfriend of 50 crores and Surpanakha. Khera said all these things are spoken by the Prime Minister. He did not even leave Manmohan Singh and says that he takes a bath in the bathroom wearing clothes. Such comments are made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Pawan Khera said that if someone says something to him, then he says how did he speak to me. Why? Are you special? Did you come from heaven? He said that if you have come into politics, if you know how to speak, then learn to listen. Congress leader Pawan Khera did not stop here. Talking about scams in Gujarat, he said that if you look at the CAG report of the last 15 years, then the city gas scam, electricity scam, transport scam, one scam after another will be seen, but the CAG report is put in the dustbin.

Congress leader Khera asked, “Where is the CAG now, where is Vinod Rai?” Not a single report was tabled in Parliament. The Congress leader said people like Vinod Rai, who defamed the previous governments and are not even opening their mouths today, should be arrested. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, on the other hand, said what about what he has insulted Sonia Gandhi in the worst language many times and the brutal manner in which he has mocked Dr Manmohan Singh in Parliament.

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