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Campaigning intensifies in Gujarat, PM Modi takes charge



PM Modi
PM Modi

Gujarat assembly elections are just a few days away. In such a situation, PM Narendra Modi has also started his stormy campaign in Gujarat. PM Modi is on a three-day visit to Gujarat. Speaking at various public meetings in Gujarat on the occasion, PM Modi said Kathiawar was desperate for water. One had to go 2-3 km for water. But today the Gujarat government has delivered water to every household.

Pm Modi told the people of Gujarat that your blessings are important for me. Citizens of Gujarat, citizens of Kutch-Kathiawar, you are my teacher and you have trained me.

Pm Narendra Modi said that bjp’s only goal is that our Gujarat should be developed and prosperous. The result of our two decades of joint efforts is that the BJP is getting immense blessings from the people.

Pm Modi further said that Gujarat has developed as a tourist destination. Today Somnath temple has changed. Today lakhs of devotees are coming to Somnath. The Statue of Unity attracts the most tourists in the world.

PM Narendra Modi also listed the achievements of the government during the rally. Pm Modi said that earlier people did not even have access to basic facilities like water. Today, water has reached far-flung villages due to all the schemes. Earlier, women had to go far and wide to fetch water, but we have delivered water to every household through the Nal Jal Yojana. So today the lives of women have changed through ujjwala yojana.

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PM Modi said that BJP’s victory in the assembly elections is certain. He told the party workers that the aim is to win as many votes as possible and more polling booths.

PM Narendra Modi said that this time the public has to break the record of voting. “I want Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel to break Narendra’s records.

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