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Meet Hamad Bashir Khattak, making his mark in the digital world



Hamad Bashir khattak

Over the past few years, many things have caught the attention of people around the world. However, no one can deny the momentum that digital media has gained. Today, the digital world that consists of various social media platforms has not remained just a social site; they have become a professional playground for many new up-and-coming talents and have offered people some of the best opportunities to grow and flourish in their careers. These opportunities have transformed ordinary individuals into extraordinary content creators, influencers, Instagrammers and TikTokers. Among them, one name that rises high is Hamad Bashir Khattak.

Who is Hamad Bashir Khattak you ask? This young man from Pakistan is gradually becoming the talk of the town thanks to his unique content, excelling in areas such as travel, food and lifestyle. If you happen to check out his Instagram page, you’ll realize how well he’s cut it as a young influencer who makes sure to live royally, just like his name.

Hamad Bashir Khattak

Hamad Bashir Khattak admits that he has honed his PR skills, which has allowed him to have great relationships with the royal family as well. Apart from the passion that Hamad has for creating unique content on social media, he reveals that he also loves travelling, so much so that his Instagram is also flooded with natural beauty of country, which he absolutely adores.

What makes Hamad even more amazing is the kind of love and recognition he has achieved in the digital world. He is an entrpenue , founder and director The talent output and Hamad Air travel and consider among the youngest entrepenures of the country. He has been invited to different tv programs and interviews to ask the resion behind his success in short time.
Indeed, Hamad , has become an inspiration for many other youngsters who want to replicate his success on digital media.

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