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I will never go to RSS office even if my throat is slit, says Rahul Gandhi



Rahul Gandhi

Addressing the media in Punjab’s Hoshiarpur, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that rss and BJP are controlling all the institutions of India. They are under pressure on all institutions. “The Election Commission, bureaucracy, judiciary have been taken over by the BJP and the RSS. It is not a political fight that used to be a political battle earlier. Now the fight is between India’s institutions and the opposition.

New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said that he will have to slit his neck for never going to the RSS office. Rahul meant that he would never go to the RSS headquarters.

On BJP leader Varun Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi said that he is in BJP, my ideology does not match him. I can’t go to the RSS office even if my throat is slit. Varun adopted that ideology. Rahul said that he can meet Varun, hug him but cannot adopt his ideology.

Raising the issue of growing gap between the rich and the poor in the country, Rahul Gandhi said that 1 percent of the people of the country own 40 percent of the country’s wealth. He said that 21 people in the country have as much money as 70 crore people.

Reacting to reports of security lapses, Rahul Gandhi said, “Which security lapses took place. He came to hug me and was over excited. It won’t be called a security lapse. This happens in the journey.

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