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History of India being rewritten!, hundred historians working on the project!



History of India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the country was taught a history that furthers the agenda of foreigners. Real history was suppressed in the country. Pm Modi said that the history of India is not just of slavery. There are also many stories of the country’s heroes. But such people were not told. We are now correcting all the mistakes that have been made before.

Pm Modi attends valedictory function of 400th birth anniversary celebrations of Lachit Barfukan at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi. During this time, he remembered the contribution of Senapati Lachit.

Pm Modi said that I salute the land of Assam, which gave heroes like Lachit. Veer Lachit has shown a lot of courage and bravery in his life. The land of Assam has been a witness to this.
Pm Modi further said that if someone wants to bow us with the force of the sword, change our identity, then we also know how to answer it. Pm Modi said that every youth of India is a warrior when it comes to saving its cultural heritage from an external force.

Here, Home Minister Amit Shah has asked historians to rewrite the history of India. Amit Shah said that the government will support their efforts. “Our history was not presented properly and distorted. Now we need to fix it. The Indian Council of Historical Research has launched a project to ‘rewrite’ history. Under this project, the history of India will be rewritten. Its purpose is to end whatever lies have been told earlier and write history with facts.

This work has started on behalf of the Indian Council of Historical Research. Its first part will be released in March 2023. More than 100 historians are working on this project.

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