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Delhi HC bans amitabh bachchan from using name, photo, voice without permission



amitabh bachchan

The Delhi High Court on Friday banned the use of Amitabh Bachchan’s name, voice and photo without his permission. The court has given this interim order on a petition of them, in which they wanted publicity and personality rights.

The High Court has also ordered the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Telecom Services to remove the content mentioned by them. Actually, many small and big companies use Amitabh’s photo, voice and name without permission. Many advertisements also show a face without their permission. Amitabh’s lawyer Harish Salve had filed a petition in the Delhi High Court regarding this matter. It appealed that it should be banned in the commercial industry.

The case was heard by Justice Navin Chawla on Friday. Justice Chawla asked the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and telecom services to remove content related to Amitabh Bachchan’s name, photo and voice. Apart from this, the High Court has also asked internet service providers to remove online links that come under big B’s personality rights.

During the hearing, Amitabh’s lawyer Harish Salve cited the example of some advertisements in which Amitabh’s face was used. Apart from this, he also said that someone is putting Amitabh’s face on the T-shirt, while someone is selling his poster. At the same time, someone has registered a domain in his name. Because of this, they want that their name, voice and personality should not be used in any ad.

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