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Wife chops husband into two pieces with axe, disposess body with the help of sons




A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Parsad, a rural area of Udaipur district of Rajasthan. Where a wife killed her own husband. Not only this, the wife, along with her two minor sons, cut the husband’s body into two pieces and buried them in different places by digging pits. The police have arrested the wife and are investigating the matter.

The incident took place in Kharbar village under Parsad police station area. Sharda Meena lived here with her two children and husband Ruplal Meena. When husband Rooplal was not seen for a few days, Ruplal’s brother Harish asked sister-in-law Sharda about his brother. Rooplal’s wife Sharda said that on December 5, he had left for work, but did not return after that. After not being contacted for several days, Sharda lodged a missing person’s report at the police station on January 1 at harish’s behest. The police also searched but could not find Rooplal.

On January 9, Harish went to Rooplal’s house. Where he suspected a strong smell in the courtyard. In such a situation, he called the police. When the police reached the spot, the head of the deceased Rooplal was seen under a stone. After this, the stone and soil were removed and the head came out which had melted. Then they started searching for the torso and found the torso near the field 60 meters away from where the head was found. He was buried there. From here, the murder of Ruplal came to light. Harish then lodged a murder report in the police station and suspected his sister-in-law of murder. On which the police detained the deceased’s wife Sharda.

Sharda told the police that a month ago, her husband came home under the influence of alcohol and quarreled and assaulted her. He then brought an axe and ran to kill him. While running, he himself fell down. After this, to save myself, I stabbed him with an axe and killed him. Sharda said that on that day her two sons, aged 15 and 17, were also at home. Everyone was afraid of her husband’s death. After this, we thought of disposing of the body. He severed his head with an axe. Then he dug a pit in the courtyard of the house and buried both parts. Even after this, part of his body was coming out. He cut it and dug a pit at another place 60 meters away and buried it there.

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