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Tich Button Review: The story is about two childhood friends separated by distance and misunderstandinand reunited by love.



Tich Button

Movie Rating – ⭐⭐⭐tars

“Tich Button” was supposed to come out on Eid Ul Fitr 2020. It’s an Eid film that missed its due date for 2 years but is now finally out. And it fits the bill for Eid films out and out. It has romance, comedy, a little bit of action, and drama. And surprisingly enough, it’s not a bad film to see this weekend.

The story of “Tich Button” is about two childhood friends separated by distance and misunderstanding and reunited by love. Farhan Saeed plays ‘Kaka’ in his film debut, the playful village boy who wears his heart on his sleeve. Feroze Khan plays Saqib, the son of the family patriarch who works as a restaurant manager in Turkey. As Kaka says, the two are “Tich Button”.
Saqib has been promised to the ‘Phuppo Ki Beti’ Shakeela played by Sonya Hussyn back home. However, he’s got no interest and enlists Kaka’s help to get him out of marriage. This leaves room for Kaka and Shakeela to grow closer together instead. On the other hand, Saqib falls for Iman Ali’s Leena, a Turkish born Pakistani who can’t hold down a job because of her uncompromising demeanour.
As the two couples meet in Punjab for Kaka and Shakeela’s wedding, sparks begin to fly. Love blossoms in unexpected places and childhood friendships are tested.
This is an old plot, but because of the stellar cast, it’s an enjoyable ride. Farhan Saeed has a natural knack for the big screen. Nowhere does he seem shy or restrained. His presence fills the screen and he’s comfortable working alongside both Samiya Mumtaz and Sohail Ahmed who are both on point. Feroze Khan also plays his role well.
However, Iman Ali is the weak link in the chain. She plays up the arrogant foreign born Pakistani girl who discovers the warmth of village life in Pakistan. However, it’s not a very convincing performance.

Farhan Saeed Demonstrates a Natural Knack for the Big Screen

Tich Button belongs to Farhan Saeed. The only time he’s upstaged is when he shares the screen with Sohail Ahmed and Samiya Mumtaz, but then that’s to be expected from the industry veterans.

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