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Rajasthan CM targets Savarkar, Gehlot said – Savarkar apologized to the British 9 times




Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has fiercely targeted the BJP and the central government, accusing it of maligning the image of Pandit Nehru. CM Gehlot has also raised questions on Savarkar’s contribution to independence. Ashok Gehlot said- BJP people are taking the name of Savarkar. Savarkar had apologized to the British nine times within a year as soon as he was in jail. When the world war broke out, he got recruited for the British. What will he compete with Pandit Nehru? Nehru was in jail for 9 years for the country. It is unfortunate that within the whole country, a structure has been created in the name of religion. It is easiest to do politics in the name of religion. CM Gehlot was speaking in the program of symbolic Bharat Jodo Yatra on the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at Ram Niwas Bagh.

CM Ashok Gehlot said that BJP-RSS people are misleading in the name of religion. These fascist forces are misleading the people. The countrymen are being misled under a well thought out conspiracy. He said that Pandit Nehru had very good relations with Sardar Patel and Subhas Chandra Bose, but they spread rumors to malign Nehru’s image. Nehru’s name disappeared from the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of independence. A conspiracy is being hatched to erase Nehru’s contribution and his name.

Ashok Gehlot said that there used to be Jan Sangh before BJP. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat used to be the leader of Jan Sangh in Rajasthan. 8 members of Jana Sangh used to come after winning, at that time there was no power in Jana Sangh. When Pandit Nehru got the Bhakra Dam built, the people of Jana Sangh spread huge rumors. The people of Jana Sangh had said at that time that Pandit Nehru’s mind was spoiled. It will extract electricity from the water, extract its power by making electricity from the water and then give it for irrigation. Irrigation will be done with the extracted water, then what is the use of that grain? What is the use of the extracted water going to the fields? These are people like this.

Ashok Gehlot said that a few years ago I mentioned the rumors spread by Jana Sangh people on Bhakra dam, then BJP people cut it from front to back and told them what I said and made it viral. I also had to make the entire video viral immediately.

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CM Gehlot said that the people sitting in the central government do not tolerate alachena, but they call those who criticize them as anti-nationals. I am happy if someone criticizes me, criticism should be based on facts. I had programs in Jodhpur yesterday as well, we had got the names of BJP’s public representatives written everywhere. Gehlot said that BJP, people sitting in power at the Center hate the opposition. There is poison in their mind. Such are their rituals.

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