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Happiness is an attitude, says Sheo Nath, noted Author



Sheo Nath
Sheo Nath

Critically acclaimed author, Sheo Nath has come up with ‘Minimising Unhappiness’, which is entirely different from his last book, a novel ‘Disclosure: A Rape Victim’s Resolute Revelation’. While Disclosure was on sensitive issue of rape, ‘Minimising Unhappiness’ is a self-help book that helps the readers to tide over their problems in the most practical way.

               ‘Minimising Unhappiness’ is what everyone is looking for in the fast paced world and tensed life. The author noticed that people are unable to take decision properly and most self-help books give them solutions which are impractical. In fact, some self-help book are so high in motivation, but very low on practicality that the individual sometimes feels depressed. So, he came up with a book which has examples only from his surroundings and ordinary people around. He has succeeded in his efforts for ‘Minimising Unhappiness’ not to become preachy. There is nothing superfluous and all solutions even to complex problems like dealing with unavoidable persons or unavoidable situations are very simple and practical. It also talks about how to develop right attitude and behaviour and how to minimise unhappiness.

His last book, ‘Disclosure’ alsohad earned rave reviews from its readers for its unique style of raising the most sensitive issue of rape and what the victims face afterwards.It is not the usual romantic or revenge saga, but addresses a very important and relevant issue. It is still a taboo subject in the society and people do not like to discuss on this topic with sincerity it deserves. There have been random jokes passed on involving rape. The real pain of the affected person has never been talked about. Also due to societal pressure and nearly hostile environment, the victim seldom speaks about it. The issue has not been addressed properly at the level of community and society. Even if a novel has talked about the issue, it is on the individual level of feeling. Disclosure has dealt with status of women across the globe.

               The author admits that while writing ‘Disclosure’, the topic was so sensitive that it was even tough to start. But having been deeply affected by the spate of rape incidents in the country, he was determined to write on it. He found dearth of standard reading materials. Women were reluctant to talk on this issue. While doing the research online, he had to deal with lot of unwanted and irrelevant materials, but this made him very sure that this is a pandemic affecting every nook and corner of the world. It took more than 4-5 years of research with the facts, figures and personal experiences of the victims to come out with the product in your hand. The research drained him emotionally, as per his own admission. What resulted is a classic novel wherein the protagonist, a rape victim has not been named at all in the story, making the writing tough and unique at the same time. It has been attempted to make the story free of any tag of region, religion, caste or colour. Again, the canvas of the novel has been the whole world, which has been handled quite artistically and emphatically.

‘Tukron me prem-kahani’ has 14 stories, each on a central female character. However, the stories are of human relationship and male characters form equally important part of the story. The stories’ subject ranges from infatuation to spirituality in love. The fear of society, the platonic love, love in disguise, meeting with old love in twilight years of life, resurfacing of love during college reunion etc make these stories lively. His forthcoming book ‘Aasman ka guroor’ is collection of poems that touches patriotism, women issues, environment issues, human behaviour, etc.

Right now, he is basking in the success of ‘Disclosure’ and ‘Minimising Unhappiness’ and rightly deserves it.

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