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Selfiee Review: Akshay Kumar gets up, close and personal with his superstardom in this mass entertainer



Selfiee Review

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If you are fine with Akshay Kumar continuing to do Hindi remakes of films from the South, you would definitely enjoy Selfiee.Selfiee movie review: Akshay Kumar in a still from the film.

Not very long ago we saw Ayushmann Khurrana play a superstar in An Action Hero, where an upcoming youth icon wanting to take a selfie with the actor ends up dead, and his brother lectures the superstar that all he is is because of public, so if they want a selfie, actors need to oblige. Cut to Akshay Kumar’s latest theatrical release Selfiee, where the actor plays a superstar and ends up in a murky mess of sorts with his biggest fan. All this fan desired for was a seflie with his idol, but things take an ugly turn when media gets involved and it becomes a battle of egos and an ultimate fight between a superstar vs his fan..

An official remake of Malayalam film Driving Licence, this Akshay-starrer dramedy is not a frame by frame copy of the original (I’ve seen the Malayalam one in bit and parts) and has many lighter moments. Other than the basic storyline, Selfiee has ditched the serious undertones of the original and laced the writing with a lot of humour.

The story follows superstar Vijay Kumar (Akshay) who wants a driving licence urgently to be able to finish the climax of his film and save the producer from incurring losses. His diehard fan, RTO officer Om Prakash Aggarwal (Emraan Hashmi) is given the task to help the actor, and he agrees to fulfil it without following the usual tedious process and asks for a selfie as a gesture in return. But things don’t go as planned and a misunderstanding leads to their feud becoming prime time news, while public has a field day with their juicy fight.
I have somehow always enjoyed watching actors portray superstars onscreen; it’s kind of watching a film within a film, so double the fun at the cost of one. And this is seemingly becoming a tried and tested formula for filmmakers. Remember when Om Kapoor, played by Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Shanti Om, became everyone’s favourite, or when Vidya Balan brought to life the superstardom of Silk Smitha or even Kangana Ranaut’s portrayal of Jayalalithaa during her best days as a superstar — all these tried to bring to fore various aspects of a star’s life and their connection with the common man, too.

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