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Pilot advises Gehlot to use tongue carefully




Former Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot has once again targeted CM Ashok Gehlot in gestures. Addressing the youth at the inauguration ceremony of the students’ union office of Maharaja College Jaipur, Pilot said that the boneless tongue behind the 32 bars should be handled and used. Pilot’s statement is being seen as a response to the derogatory words used by CM Gehlot for him.

CM Gehlot had responded to the allegations of pilot not taking action on the paper leak mafia. After this, CM Gehlot had said on the government’s political crisis that another Corona had come to his government. On this, the pilot, without taking names, said that the tongue should be used carefully. CM Gehlot had targeted Pilot by calling him Corona by naming him Corona. At the same time, Sachin Pilot took a dig at Gehlot with a magician statement in the PayPal leak case.

CM Gehlot’s remarks were seen as a response to pilot’s attack in which he targeted paper leaks. Pilot asked his own party’s government how the question paper came out of the vault without anyone’s involvement. Sachin Pilot said that papers are being leaked in the state and it is being said that no officer or any leader was involved in it. He said that the copy of the exam is locked in the vault, that copy is locked in the vault and reached the children outside. It has become a magic, it is not possible, someone will be responsible.

Meanwhile, Sachin Pilot also reached jaipur literature festival on Friday. During this, when he was asked a question, he said that there is a need to understand each other’s views but listen decently. Sachin Pilot said, “Those who are issues are very relevant. Sometimes there are disputes, but I think the need is to understand the dialogue. Even if someone disagrees, we can also protest.

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