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The Heroic lady of this era Mrs.Rath Sarojini.



Mrs.Rath Sarojini

Virangana is a frontline in the battle of life.
Who is a source of inspiration and creation for many today
There are new hopes, aspirations, imaginations, feelings and possibilities
** Today’s Heroine **
Mrs. Sarojini Rath Mahodaya
Inspirational Speaker and Senior Scholar,
Government High School, Jaisole, Jagatsinghpur.

How much is this rare human life really worth…?
Ask those who have touched the pain of death
He has experienced it very closely and how much this life really is
Unsure….? Try to understand from those who
Having freed oneself from the clutches of death, today is the occasion of rebirth
have gained
The cycle of death directly confronts Kala Yama
Sati Savitri freed herself from all her life partners
That genius of our society who can save precious lives
Women are no one else, today they are the only one in the house of Odisha
Mrs. Sarojini Rath, known as an inspirational orator
madam Mahile under Kadua Pada Block of Jagatsinghpur District
Mrs. Saraswati Rath and Sarveswar Rath of the village resident
Su Kanchana and local Yashobandhupur area of Jagatsinghpur district
Resident Smt./Mr. Nirmala Mahapatra and Nimayu Charan Mahapatra
Kulabadhu Mrs. Sarojini Rath Mahodaya who is now Govt
A child at High School, Jaisole, Jagatsinghpur
Working as Senior Assistant Teacher.

Mrs. Rath is the owner of a rare talent
For yourself in personal, family, social and administrative life
Created a unique identity. Under the last two years
Both couples in a fatal road accident in Bhubaneswar
A closer look at the gap between life and death
In the battle of life alone, he has bravely fought against the odds
. He is tired for a short while but of course he is broken
There are none. If true, the battle of life has not been lost.
Mr. Narendra Kumar, his beloved life partner for more than two years
Mahapatra (successful entrepreneur) lying in a coma
Seeing that he is overcome with grief. Even so, time
It has come where he has come to feel disgusted with his own life. but
The support of his beloved family, the unwavering support of his friends,
Heartfelt love of friends, sympathy and one’s own
Suputra’s call to mind to fight against the odds changed the course of his life

One day he was thinking of losing his life
Today, thousands of people are being taught the art of living.
For this unique talent of his own, he has performed many times in various arenas
Respected and committed, he has made the entire people of Odisha proud.
In fact, by him on various social media platforms
Various broadcasts and broadcasts
Sensational and motivational video
Looking at it, it stirs the mind and breaks the heart

The beautiful woman through her sweet word connection
Share to thousands of readers, viewers and well wishers
The message of positive awareness describes his personality
There will be prosperity on our side.
Such a brilliant, talented person with a rare personality
Contacting us on behalf of our ‘Annya and Su Kanchana’ family
On occasion we felt his struggles and struggles
There are many pains and sorrows in life. Today’s passion
In the moment
Sarojini Rath is for Sajra
We remember the glory.

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