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The ministers of the Congress government said, Congress MLAs will come as many as they sit in the Fortuner in the elections



The ruckus in Rajasthan Congress is not taking its name to stop. Minister Rajendra Gudha, who is considered to be the pilot camp, has once again demanded to make Sachin Pilot the Chief Minister. Sainik Welfare Minister Rajendra Singh Gudha said- I say this that if Sachin Pilot would have been made the Chief Minister, he was late, if he is still made the Chief Minister, then the government can be repeated. If Pilot does not make CM, then all the MLAs of Congress will come in a fortuner. Will travel to all four dhams. The special thing is that Congress MLA Divya Maderna has supported Rajendra Gudha’s tweet. Divya Maderna tweeted – From the working style of the bureaucracy, it seems that the Congress has taken an unbroken resolution to put the government in a fortune.

Rajendra Gudha, who became a minister by joining the Congress from BSP, is continuously giving statements against CM Gehlot. However, Gudha has refrained from directly naming CM Gehlot. But CM Gehlot is the target. Earlier, Minister Gudha said that there should be decentralization of power. The power rests with the Chief Minister. Be it a minister or an MLA, he also visits the Chief Minister’s office to get a constable transferred.

It is noteworthy that 6 BSP MLAs, including minister Gudha, had supported the Gehlot camp in the year 2020 at the time of Pilot’s rebellion. Because of which the Gehlot government was saved from falling. But after the changed political equation in Rajasthan after September 25, Minister Gudha is continuously attacking CM Gehlot. Experts say that Minister Gudha is pained that the Congress has not fulfilled the promise made with him.

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