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Upset over husband’s torture, wife commits suicide, got married this year




The wife became so upset with the torture of the husband that she hanged herself with a saree. The woman got married 10 months ago in February. For a few days, everything went well, but after that it is alleged that he was tortured. The victim’s mother has alleged that her husband used to beat her midway. She had said many times that the boy was not right.

This case is from Nai police station area of Udaipur, Rajasthan. Where at 5 pm on Thursday, the married woman committed suicide by hanging herself in a saree. The post-mortem of the woman was conducted at Maharana Bhupal Hospital on Friday morning. At the same time, on behalf of the deceased Chetna’s mother Lakshmi Bai, a case has been registered against the husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law and sister-in-law in Nai police station area. According to the police, there was no one in the house at the time of the hanging. The police have registered a case of dowry harassment against father-in-law Tulsi Ram Prajapat, mother-in-law Jashoda Bai, husband Nirmal Prajapat and sister-in-law Garima Prajapat on the basis of the mother’s report.

The victim’s mother Lakshmi Bai, a resident of Maddi, said chetna was married to Nirmal Prajapat, a resident of Sissarma village, on February 18 this year. For 15 to 20 days of marriage, the daughter was fine, but then one day she called me and said that mummy had made a big mistake than me. The boy was not found correctly, but I explained that adjust for a few days. The mother has alleged that the boy used to torture my daughter for money. He also assaulted her several times. Many times in anger, he also beat his daughter in the middle of the road. The mother alleges that if the daughter asks for something or asks for money, she says that I do not have money from your mother. The mother alleges that the daughter is not dead, she has been harassed and killed.

The mother alleged that in the last 10 months of marriage, the girl was not sent home to meet her even once. When the daughter asked her to go to Pihar, she would be told what is in your house? My mother says that at the time of marriage, I told the boy’s father that there is no one behind me whoever is this girl. There is a younger son who does not understand anything mentally. Even after this, the girl would cry many times and call that mummy I want to come home, but her husband and father-in-law had stopped coming.

According to the information, husband Nirmal Prajapat used to do a small job temporarily in the transport department. The deceased Chetna Kumari had studied up to B.Com. Chetna’s father passed away a few years ago. Apart from the mother, there is a younger brother in the family, whose mental condition is not right. The mother had the support of a little daughter, but she is no longer in the world.

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