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Bihar Education Minister calls Ramcharit Manas a book of hatred




Bihar Education Minister Dr. Chandrashekhar has given a controversial statement. He has described Manu Smriti and Ramcharitmanas as hate books in the society. He said that Ramcharit Manas prevents Dalits, backward classes and women from studying in the society, preventing them from getting their rights. Chandrashekhar is an MLA from RJD.

Education Minister Dr. Chandrashekhar was the guest at the 15th convocation of Nalanda Open University at Gyan Bhawan in Patna. Addressing the students here, he said that India will be built by strong and prosperous love and not hatred. There are more than six thousand castes in the country. There are as many castes as there are walls of hate. As long as it exists in the society, India cannot become vishwaguru.

Education Minister Dr. Chandrashekhar said that people associated with RSS and Nagpur spread hatred in the society. During the address, he learnt the couplet of Ramcharitmanas in the middle of the caste, fed milk as feared as he was… While reading, he said that this is a book that spreads hatred in the society. Adham means that the people of the lower, lower caste did not have the right to get education, the people of the lower caste become poisonous by taking education, just like a snake becomes poisonous after drinking milk. He said that it prevents Dalits, backward classes and women from studying in the society. It prevents them from getting their rights.

The Education Minister also stood by his statement in front of the media after leaving the program. He said that once upon a time, Manusmriti sowed the seed of hatred in the society. Then After that Ramcharitmanas created hatred in the society. In today’s time, guru Golwalkar’s idea is spreading hatred in the society. He further said that Manusmriti was burnt by Babasaheb Ambedkar because he talks about taking away the rights of Dalits and the deprived. There are many verses in Ramcharitmanas, which create hatred in the society.

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